The AFS sizes of Ceramic Foundry Sand For Coldbox and Hotbox Core making

At room temperature, the core-making method in which the sand core is quickly hardened in the core box by blowing air is called the cold box core-making method.

The hot box core making method is to inject the sand material mixed with foundry sand, thermosetting resin, and catalyst into a core box with a heating device, and heat it to 180-250°C. In a short time, it can be polycondensed and hardened to form a core.


From an application point of view, the cold box core making process using Ceramic Foundry Sand as the molding sand produces better surface quality of castings. The corresponding Ceramic Foundry Sand is preferably AFS40-45(40-70 mesh). Although it takes a long time for a single molding, it can be continuously added with orb sand, which is suitable for continuous operation.

Correspondingly, the hotbox core making process generally uses AFS 65-70/AFS60-65(70-140 mesh) Ceramic Foundry Sand and a core shooter with an independent sand bucket, and a single molding time is short.

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