Properties & Applications of Ceramic Foundry Sand

Properties & Applications of Ceramic Foundry Sand


As new artificial sand, ceramic sand has been rapidly extended in foundry use in virtue of steady research and marketing for about two decades.


Ceramic foundry sand has excellent properties, including:

spherical shape
high refractoriness,
good crush resistance,
inert chemical characteristics
high reclamation yields


Ceramic Foundry Sand has distinguished performance in the foundry in comparison with silica sand and other foundry sands. This article introduces the production process, the physical and chemical properties, and the application features of ceramic sand.

In the meantime, its application examples in many kinds of foundry processes such as

No bake sand molding
Green Sand
Cold box
Croning shell method
Lost foam castings
Resin coated sand casting
Vacuum casting
Investment casting


In a word, the ceramic foundry sand will get a larger application scale with the development of foundry technology.


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