Ceramic sand for Non ferrous metal foundry

Ceramic sand for Nonferrous metal foundry

Ceramic sand for foundry is always used for iron casting and steel casting. But the ceramic sand works perfectly for nonferrous metals to decrease the total foundry cost. Recently, a lot of nonferrous metal foundries adopt ceramic sand for castings such as Aluminum alloy, Copper alloy, and Zinc alloy. And they got good benefits by saving foundry costs.

The casting temperature of steel casting is about 1500 centigrade. Ceramic sand can get better accuracy of casting shape. It can also reduce the consumption of resin binders. Although the casting temperature of aluminum alloy is only 700 centigrade, it consumes normal resin for the no-bake sand technology. If using ceramic foundry sand to replace silica sand, it can cut 50-60% resin quantity.

In the meantime, the strength of ceramic foundry sand is much higher than silica sand. Thus, the ceramic sand for the foundry is recyclable by using tens of times. Since the low angle coefficient, the weight of foundry sand is much less because of its spherical shape. It only consumes 10% quantity of silica sand using ceramic sand.

On the other hand, the shape of ceramic foundry sand is spherical beads. After bonding with resin, it can still get good breathability. That is very important for nonferrous metal casting.

The mostly used AFS size of ceramic sand for nonferrous foundry are AFS35, AFS40 and AFS45.

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