Precise casting ceramic sand for foundry

Precise casting ceramic sand for foundry

Ceramic sand is an artificial foundry sand. It is made from calcined bauxite. Therefore it is of high-temperature resistance. And the ceramic sand is a ball shape sand. So it is easy to scatter to corners of the casting. The applications of ceramic sand do not only include investment foundry, green sand, and no-bake sand casting. Ceramic sand is also an ideal foundry sand for precise casting.

The application of Ceramic sand in the shell mold precision casting process has developed rapidly in recent years. From the perspective of foundry parts, Ceramic sand is suitable for components such as bucket teeth of engineering machinery, general parts such as valve plumbing, auto parts, and tool hardware parts.  According to metal type, ceramic sand works for cast iron, cast carbon steel,  stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, and non-ferrous alloys. From the perspective of the foundry process, it has extended to various techniques such as sand mold casting, metal mold casting, and precision casting. By adopting ceramic sand for the foundry, it has achieved good economic and environmental benefits.

From the perspective of the casting process, the ceramic sand shell mold precision casting process has been widely used in the following three fields:
a. Partially replace lost wax investment casting process. In particular, some castings with relatively simple shapes and some castings requiring cores;
B.Foundry grade ceramic sand shell mold precision casting process is used to improve the process adaptability for the occasion where quartz sand shell mold casting was originally used;
c. For the small steel castings originally produced by the ordinary mold process, in order to improve the quality of castings, reduce the consumption of molding sand and improve the production efficiency of castings, a new precision casting process with ceramic sand shell mold casting gets a good effect.

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