Ceramic sand AFS35 for mold casting

Ceramic sand AFS35 for mold casting


In traditional precision casting, quartz sand or corundum sand is generally used as the base material for shell making. The shell-making process of this casting method is complex, the recycling rate is low, and the efficiency is not high. The precision casting process of ceramic sand has improved the shell molding and technological process and greatly improved the working efficiency. The application of ceramic sand shell mold precision casting is also more and more widespread. The mostly used specifications for mold casting are ceramic sand AFS35, AFS40, AFS45, and AFS50. Castings cover bucket teeth of large machinery, valve parts, auto parts, and small hardware parts. Applicable materials include cast iron, cast carbon steel, stainless steel, heat-resistant steel and non-ferrous alloy.

In terms of casting technology, the precision casting process of Ceramic sand shell mold is mainly used for the following purposes:

  1. Partially replace the wax loss precision casting process. In particular, some castings with a relatively simple shape and some castings need to be cored.
  2. Compared with the cases that adopted silica sand, the ceramic sand shell mold precision casting process gets advantages. It can improve the process adaptability and improve the fire resistance and permeability of the shell mold.
  3. Small steel castings are always produced by the sand mold process. Ceramic sand with mold casting can improve the casting quality. In the meantime, it can reduce the consumption of molding sand and improve the production efficiency of the casting.

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