Spherical Casting Sand Ceramic sand

Spherical Casting Sand Ceramic sand

Spherical Casting Sand Ceramic sand has the unique shape of microspheres. In fact, it is an electrofused bauxite sphere. The main chemical content is aluminum oxide. So it has similar thermal features to corundum such as high refractoriness, goods chemical stability, etc. The most important property of Casting Ceramic sand is the round shape.

  1.  The spherical shape makes the ceramic sand easy to scatter as filler sand.
  2.  The ceramic spheres caused a low angularity of less than 1.1.
  3.  The round ceramic sand can increase the space between sands in the resin. Thus, the casting sand can get high gas evolution and good permeability.
  4.  It can reduce the consumption of resin with spherical ceramic beads.
  5.  The round ceramic sand can reach little corners and chinks of castings. As a result, it can fill the mold fully and improve the casting quality.
  6.  The spherical ceramic sand can be easily removed after the casting freezing. So it can save time and labor to clean the casting.
  7.  It can save the weight of casting sand in a specific volume.

The spherical casting sand is come out from the idea of Cerebeads. But the cost is very high. The using of Ceramic beads get the advantages of cost and performance. It is now widely used in Iron casting, steel casting, and non-ferrous casting. The spherical ceramic sand works excellent for most casting technology including investment casting, lost foam casting, shell molding, Vacuum casing, no-bake sand casting, and resin-coated sand casting.

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