Recyclable Ceramic foundry sand

Recyclable Ceramic foundry sand


Ceramic foundry sand is recyclable for no-bake sand molding instead of silica sand. It can achieve the purpose of recycling and regenerating molding sand. Silica sand has low hardness. If the binder is removed by physical means, the silica sand will be broken directly. The high hardness of the ceramic sand. Even after repeated rubbing by mechanical regeneration equipment, it maintains a good shape and performance.


The recycling process of used ceramic foundry sand could be dry or wet methods.

  • The first step is mechanical regeneration. Use physical twisting and rubbing to remove binders such as Alkaline sodium silicate. This method can achieve 10-15 cycles of ceramic sand.
  • The second step is wet cleaning. After recycling ceramic sand 10-15 times, it needs to clean with a wet method. The chemical residues such as sodium on the surface of the pearl sand are removed by water. Wastewater from the cleaning method requires proper treatment.
  • The third step is to put the ceramic sand after washing into an oven for drying. Then put it in the warehouse for stock.


Treatment of used ceramic foundry sand is a key process to recycling. Foundries have to take scientific methods to do it. It is helpful to realize green and environmentally friendly foundry production.

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