Ceramsite sand for resin coated sand casting

Ceramic sand called China Cerabeads or ceramsite sand, china Cerabeads and cerasand too is made from high-quality bauxite, by re-fused and blown to ball type. With advantage of fine surface smooth finish and air permeability, it is a new type of material for molding sand in resin coated sand casting and shell molding sand.

Size for Resin coated sand casting/shell molding sand:


Ceramic Sand Advantages:

SAFE – to the environment compared with silica (silicosis) and zircon sand
Ceramic Sand offers longer work life and reduction of sand usage.
Ceramic Sand’s spherical shape compared with angular shaped grains allows for easier separation from cast parts and improved collapsibility resulting in lower scrap and casting efficiency.
Lower Thermal expansion and Thermal Conductivity. Casting dimensions are more accurate and lower conductivity provides better mold performance.
Requires 40-50% less resin
Can be used as a single sand
Offers lower true specific gravity and specific surface area
Improved durability compared with silica and chromite


Widely used in foundry technique like resin-bonded sand, sodium silicate sand, and clay-bonded sand for sand core and casting mould making

Replace chromite sand and widely used in the sand core making like jacket core, oil duct core, tappet core of engine

Replace chromite sand for steel casting facing sand and sub-layer of molding sand (backing sand)

Widely used as dry sand and sandbox for the EPC process and V method of casting processes

Widely used as the main raw materials of advanced refractory products (Ladle drainage sand, gravity casting material, casting coating, etc.)

Widely used as cleaning sand for copper and aluminum alloy castings


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