Ceramic sand 200mesh for molding sand Alcohol-based coating

Ceramsite also called Fused ceramic sand, is a kind of man-made spherical shape ceramic particles featured by high refractoriness, a low thermal expansion made by spraying melted from the fused bauxite. Ceramic sand 200mesh especially suitable for molding sand Alcohol-based coating.

Size for molding sand Alcohol-based coating

-200 mesh


Ceramsite provides a simple and efficient way in the foundry industry to improving the quality of the castings, reducing the production cost and avoiding environmental pollution so it is much better than silica sand. And it is also good substitution to Chromite sand and Zircon sand because of its lower price. At present, Ceramsite is acknowledged worldwide as the newest and the best ideal sand for the foundries and has very wide feasibility of applications for future development.


1.Shape: Sphere

2.Angle Factor: ≤1.1

3.Refractoriness: ≥1790℃

4.Thermal expansion: 0.13% (10 minutes under 1000℃)

5.Main Chemical composition (typical value as following table):


General advantages Ceramsite

1.Solid sphere: The shape of Ceramsite is spherical with smooth surface and less surface area and offering a very good flowability and filling ability. To compare with other sands else, less binder is used at the same mold strength and higher venting ability. It also offers the excellent collapsibility.

2.Lower thermal expansion rate: It makes the dimensions of castings better, less crack and defect and higher output.

3.Lower breakage rate: Ceramsite has a higher density and a very lower breakage rate at the reclaimation. It makes a better reclamations rate to reduce the waste sand and the pollution.

4.High refractoriness: The major chemistry is Al2O3 and SiO2, so mostly mullite and corundum phase in the Ceramsite which will make sure the high refractoriness and thermal stablity. And PH Value appears neutral. It is suitable for all kinds of metal and alloy castings.

Application Area

In Vacuum(V)-casting and Lost-foam casting (LFC)

In Investment Casting, ceramsite can substitute Zircon sand and powder

In large size steel castings, ceramite can substitute Chromite

Resin Coated Castings


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