Ceramsite sand for Lost foam coating material

Ceramic Foundry Sand- a new study of foundry sand. By adding the electric arc furnace containing Al2O3 45%-90% raw bauxite ore, the high temperature produced by the arc of the arc discharge, the raw material bauxite melted liquid, the liquid flows out of the furnace, impose its 70-85m/s to air pressure. Ceramic foundry sand with fine grit is suitable for coating sand in Lost foam casting.

SIZES for coating material in Lost foam coating:


Ceramic Foundry Sand characteristics:

  • The thermal expansion coefficient of ceramic sand is very low, which is similar to zircon sand. Using the Ceramic Foundry Sand to make moulds and cores, the veins and other expansion defects of castings are eliminated
  • Because of the great spherical shape of the particle, Ceramic Foundry Sand has good flowability and easy to fill in. The moulds and cores are of high permeability and easy to shakeout after casting
  • By using Ceramic Foundry Sand, 30-50% of the binder consumption can be saved with the smooth surface and substantial structure
  • Ceramic Foundry sand is a neutral and inert material, so it can be used in acid and alkali binders systems, also adapt to various alloys
  • Ceramic Foundry Sand has high refractoriness and good stability. It is especially suitable for the production of complexity sand cores and steel castings
  • It has wide particle size, which can be combined and mixed arbitrarily to meet specific needs of customers
  • Because of the high value of Moh’s Harness and spherical shape, Ceramic Foundry Sand has good recycling performance and low crushing ratio, so it can be easily reclaimed by many methods

Meanwhile, there are two different types of Ceramic Foundry Sand, one is regular Ceramic Foundry Sand with dark brown color, the other one called Golden Sand with golden and light yellow color. The main chemical and physical properties are the same with each other, but  Golden Sand has been calcined twice, which results in the phase transformation from corundum to mullite, so the color has been changed.


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